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От: Andrey Grachev Дата: 18 Октября 2006 17:16

Добрый день!

Для тех, кто не подписан на Cache'-News:

October 13, 2006 - ODBC Client return wrong Stream data

A problem has been corrected where the Cache' ODBC client would
return wrong stream data.  The problem was in a conversion of the
stream's ID value from Hex to decimal and would start to happen with
Stream ID values of 130 or greater.

Cache' 5.2, Ensemble 4.0

If you select a Stream field from a table where the Stream ID equaled
130 we would return a point to stream 63.  This is just one example,
the problem happens for other values of the Stream ID.

The value of the Stream ID was getting converted to Multi Bit when it
should have been a binary value.  This caused the server to return
the wrong stream.

InterSystems has a patch available that will prevent this problem
from happening.  If you would like to receive this patch please
contact Support and reference Dev Change JCN723.  This correction
will be part of Cache' 2007.1

If you have any questions regarding this advisory, please contact the
Worldwide Response Center at E-Mail.

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