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От: Andrey Grachev Дата: 06 Ноября 2006 05:50

Добрый день!


С уважением,
Андрей Грачёв

InterSystems Corp, Россия
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Subject: [Cache-News] Cache' 2007.1 Field Test Available

InterSystems is please to announce Cache' 2007.1 Field Test kit (build
254) is now available for download.  Cache' 2007.1 is available only to
customers.  You must use your WRC Online(wrc.intersystems.com) login
information to access the Developer Download Program and download the


Cache' 2007.1 includes a number of new and improved features, designed to
enhance the performance, scalability, security, and reliability of
applications.  There are also improvements that help make applications
faster to develop, and easier to deploy and manage. In particular, two
features that enhance Cache's rapid development capabilities are sparking
a lot of interest among InterSystems customers:

InterSystems Zen(TM) is an extensible, high-level framework for rapid Rich
Internet Application development. With an extensive library of pre-built
components, including grids, tables, selection trees, and much more, Zen
allows developers to easily create Web applications with the same highly
responsive and rich user interfaces as sophisticated desktop solutions.

InterSystems Jalapeno(TM) technology derives Cache' classes from plain old
Java object (POJO) definitions, and automatically handles persistence
methods at run time. It allows Java developers to continue using POJOs
without even thinking about how the data is stored. By eliminating
object/relational mapping, Jalapeo technology can reduce Java development
time by as much as 40 percent.

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