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От: Andrey Grachev Дата: 10 Ноября 2006 20:14

November 9, 2006  Cache' 5.2, Ensemble 4.0 and >2 GB Shared Memory
InterSystems Worldwide Response Center (WRC) has identified a defect in
Cache' 5.2 and Ensemble 4.0 that can cause unpredictable behavior for
instances configured with more than 2GB of shared memory.

This defect is present in Cache' version 5.2 on all platforms and
operating systems.

This defect is present in Ensemble version 4.0 on all platforms and
operating systems.

Cache' shared memory includes: global buffers, routine buffers, gmheap,
lock table, network structures and other internal uses.

The risk from this defect is high.  Observed incorrect behavior includes
inability to run the System Management Portal and access violations at
startup.  Other failures modes are possible.  InterSystems strongly
recommends that any system running a Cache' 5.2 instance or Ensemble 4.0
should install the corrections to this defect (see next paragraph).

Four corrections exist for various aspects of this defect; they are
identified as SAP643, SAP663, SAP686 and SAP696.  A maintenance release of
Cache' designated Cache' 5.2.3 will be available within the next few
weeks.  The corrections can also be ordered in an Ad Hoc distribution from
the WRC.

A related correction, SAP672, addresses a problem with an incorrect
message in startup log files.  The result is a message indicating a very
low number of buffers allocated even though the number of buffers actually
allocated is correct.  This problem is limited to 64 bit Unix platforms.

If you have any questions regarding this advisory, please contact the
InterSystems Worldwide Response Center (WRC) at E-Mail.

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