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От: dimon Дата: 15 Ноября 2006 20:43


в прицепке - файл счета для первой оплаты и договор. в  Договоре номер поправле, написано название статьи, изменена сумма договора на 1 копейку (из-за округлений с ндс не получается).

оригиналы документов подпишу и вышлю по почте.
доку начинаю делать, поэтому хотелось бы получить финансовое подкрепление в виде первой оплаты.
в выходные уеду в отпуск на две недели, но в он-лайне буду (в аське и на почте). телефон будет той страны, в которой буду (или ОАЭ или Египет).

спасибо, дмитрий

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Date: Fri, 10 Nov 2006 12:14:09 +0300
Subject: [cache_ru] [Cache-News] Cache' 5.2, Ensemble 4.0 and >2 GB Shared Memory

> November 9, 2006  Cache' 5.2, Ensemble 4.0 and >2 GB Shared Memory
> InterSystems Worldwide Response Center (WRC) has identified a defect in
> Cache' 5.2 and Ensemble 4.0 that can cause unpredictable behavior for
> instances configured with more than 2GB of shared memory.
> This defect is present in Cache' version 5.2 on all platforms and
> operating systems.
> This defect is present in Ensemble version 4.0 on all platforms and
> operating systems.
> Cache' shared memory includes: global buffers, routine buffers, gmheap,
> lock table, network structures and other internal uses.
> The risk from this defect is high.  Observed incorrect behavior includes
> inability to run the System Management Portal and access violations at
> startup.  Other failures modes are possible.  InterSystems strongly
> recommends that any system running a Cache' 5.2 instance or Ensemble 4.0
> should install the corrections to this defect (see next paragraph).
> Four corrections exist for various aspects of this defect; they are
> identified as SAP643, SAP663, SAP686 and SAP696.  A maintenance release of
> Cache' designated Cache' 5.2.3 will be available within the next few
> weeks.  The corrections can also be ordered in an Ad Hoc distribution from
> the WRC.
> A related correction, SAP672, addresses a problem with an incorrect
> message in startup log files.  The result is a message indicating a very
> low number of buffers allocated even though the number of buffers actually
> allocated is correct.  This problem is limited to 64 bit Unix platforms.
> If you have any questions regarding this advisory, please contact the
> InterSystems Worldwide Response Center (WRC) at E-Mail.
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