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От: Andrey Grachev Дата: 20 Ноября 2006 17:08

Caché 2007.1 Field Test 2 - now availableДобрый день!


С уважением,
Андрей Грачёв

InterSystems Corp, Россия
Руководитель отдела консалтинга



Caché 2007.1 Field Test 2

We have just made Caché 2007.1 Field Test 2 available for you on our website. The build number is 267 and available for the following platforms:

HP (Alpha) OpenVMS                         7.3-2, 7.2, 8.3
HP (Itanium) OpenVMS                         8.2-1, 8.3
RedHat Enterprise Linux (x86 32-bit)                         AS v.4
RedHat Enterprise Linux (x86 64-bit)                         AS v.4
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (x86 32-bit)                        10
SUSU Linux Enterprise Server (x86 64-bit)                        10
Microsoft Windows (x86 32-bit)             2000(SP4), XP Pro(SP2), Server 2003
Microsoft Windows (x86 64-bit)             Server 2003(SP1)
Microsoft Windows (Itanium)             Server 2003(SP1)

Other Platforms will follow earlier next week, as we complete our internal verification process for each of them.

It can be found at this location:

We encourage you to get this update to our Caché 2007.1 Field Test.

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