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All copyrights to the text of messages belong to their authors. If you needs to contact the author of the message you should contact us because we do not publishing any E-mail adresses but we store it in the closed database. Other way to contact with author of the message is to subscribe on mailing list where this message has been sent.
We delete all Email addresses from messages texts specially for preventing spam from our site. Subscribers of mailing lists from our catalog can not be afraid of disclosure of their personal e-mail addresses. We keep e-mail addresses for exact definition of authors of messages but we do not pass this information to the third parties.
Our site does not collect any private information from our visitors.
To add on our site it is possible any mailing list responding the requirement of the legislation and to ethical standards. We reserve the right to reject the request to adding to the our catalog. Also we have the right to remove any mailing list from our catalogue or any part of messages archive on our site.
If you have found on our site the information not corresponding to universal moral principles please contact us And we will remove this information from our site.

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